The more guys I meet, the more I lose faith in them.
9inchesandthick asked:
hi there. you are absolutely gorgeous :D

haha hey, thanks!

prxm3d asked:

what’s up!

If she’s not asking you ‘wheres this going’ or something along those lines by the 3rd or 4th month, she’s talking to someone else and probably likes that guy more.

I mean if you’re cool with where you two stand, then that’s fine. Most guys hate the question of where this is going, but trust me girls are always thinking about it - especially if it’s going pretty steady by the third or fourth month of your “thing”. If nothing’s been established whether it’s nothing serious, just friends, friends with benefits, or becoming a relationship, and she hasn’t hinted at something even a little; there is probably someone she wants to invest more time in, someone else.

Do you believe there is someone amazing out there for you, waiting?
tglover2013 asked:
You are very good looking. You have great curves and a great smile. I'm curious, what is your Asian background? Thanks ❤️

Thank you. I’m Chinese and part Portuguese